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The Paris BCWA frequently organises talks on subjects as diverse as:

  • History and music
  • Third world women
  • French inheritance laws
  • The environment and you
  • Paris's hidden frontiers
  • 2 years in the Antarctic.

Club speakers are professionals in their fields of expertise. Consult the monthly Newsletter for forthcoming Talks and details.

Report back on a previous talk...

Paris markets mode d'emploi

"We heard all about them: The marchand de légumes. The boucher. The fromager. The épicier... How to buy, how not to be taken in, how to get good service... You may think you know how to get the best out of your open-air market, yet we heard tips we had never imagined! After the talk there was a special lunch in the clubroom.

"This was followed at a later date by a talk with slides and taped music on the famous bistros and restaurants of Paris, followed by a bistro meal."

Activities list
Line drawing of old Paris covered glass market for BCWA talks group